Wireless Portable Storage for Mobile

Storpia mobile wireless storage is a portable disk drive that broadcasts a wireless signal.
You can store your digital media on the device and stream contents
to your tablet, smartphone or computer.


Wireless Disk Drive

Mounting SSD/HDD drive provides amazing read/write speed, 3~5 times faster compared to normal external HDD.


Wireless Memory Reader

Various kind of external memory like SD, MicroSD and USB memory can be used as wireless memory reader.


Portable Router

You will be able to use as a portable router from anywhere anytime if you connect internet cable to the internet port(WAN).


Portable Powerbank

Built in lithium-polymer battery can be used as power bank for mobile devices such as smart phone, digital camera.

Store and Share of Your Memory with Storpia


Mobile Backup

You can take real time backup of pictures and videos from your mobile device to Storpia.


Smart Backup

Backup files to internal disk of Storpia from external SD, MicroSD and USB memory automatically.


Multimedia Streaming

You can stream various multimedia files stored in Storpia directly to your mobile device without downloading them.



Multimedia files shared by torrent can be downloaded directly to Storpia without the help of computer.