Unified IoT Surveillance System, gNVR

gNVR integrates NVR with security IoT sensors,
to provide absolute security solution as a unified surveillance system.
You can connect up to 8 IP cameras, with Full HD, real-time monitoring features.


High-Performance NVR

Data losses are minimized while recording live videos and displays 1080p, Full HD playback with any issues.


Absolute Data Security

gNVR uses KDF (Key Derivation Function) that automatically generates an encryption key to block unauthorized access.


IoT-powered Surveillance

gNVR provides the information on the surroundings of the site by integrating the essential IoT sensors.

Expand your surveillance area, from videos to sensors


Low live stream latency

gNVR has drastically decreased the live stream latency on data transfer by implementing a hardware encryption engine.


Strong encryption technology

Recorded video data will be encrypted and decrypted through global standard AES-128 algorithm.


Real-time IoT sensor notification

The events from IoT sensors are transmitted instantly to your local NVRs and smartphone application.


Event-triggered recording

You can schedule a recording when the event is detected from the IoT sensors and can be managed effectively and efficiently.


Time-saving playback

The recorded footage will fast forward up to 200 times speed until the event by IP camera or IoT sensor is detected.


Emergency ready

When there is an emergency, gNVR has the ability to automatically backup the recordings to your FTP server or the cloud.