Amazing Wireless Transfer Rate
Extreme Wi-Fi Distance

Storpia Duo4S is an ultra-speed Wi-Fi router that supports up to 2,333Mbps transfer speed in IEEE 802.11ac connection
by installing four transmitting/receiving antennas.
Even for IEEE 802.11n connection, it corresponds to transfer rate up to 800Mbps by supporting 256QAM.

It also features a Quad-core processor with 1.3GHz operation and 512MB due to the high hardware performance of DDR3 memory,
all installed functions can be executed comportably without affecting the transfer speed.


Up to 2,333Mbps transfer Rate

Storpia Duo4S is compliant with the latest standard IEEE 802.11ac, and by installing four transmit/receive antennas,
it realizes a maximum transfer rate of 2,333Mbps.
At the standard transfer speed, it exceeds Gigabit Ethernet of wired LAN,
and it can perform comfortable network access similar to Gigabit Ethernet even at effective speed.

Since it is compatible with 256 QAM technology, it can also connect at 800Mbps speed in 2.4GHz connection.
Comfortable access is possible with smartphones and others that support 256QAM technology.


Quad-core Processor with 1.3GHz

Storpia Duo4S is equipped with a Quad core processor that operates at a high clock of 1.3GHz,
achieving comfortable processing speed without delay.

In addition, it has DDR3 memory of large capacity of 512MB, and it can operate various functions without stress.
High hardware specification that can handle up to 2,333Mbps transfer speed with a margin is a major feature of Storpia Duo4S.


The Core of Smart Life

Storpia Duo4S is a fixed-mobile convergence(FMC) cloud storage as an integrated router.
Without the cumbersome and difficult router setup process, Storpia Duo4S turns into the home cloud immediately after plugging a network cable into it.


Wireless Streaming

Upon connecting to the Storpia Duo4S’s Wi-Fi network, you can immediately access the cloud storage.
Your video/photo/music files stored on the Storpia Duo4S storage can be easily accessed via Wi-Fi and be freely played on your smartphone, tablets, laptops, etc.


Realtime Mobile Backup

No more cumbersone data management!
Photos and videos taken with your smartphone or tablet can be stored on the Storpia storage after its simple setup.
Easily back up your data and keep the backup data safe.


Personal Cloud

No more difficult personal cloud storage! There is no need for the complicated router setup process.
You only need to create a domain address with the Storpia Duo4S storage which supports the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service.
To use your data, you can have access to the Storpia Duo4S storage anywhere, anytime.


Network Camera works

Storpia Duo4S supports a Network Video Recorder(NVR) which uses network cameras to record and save video in real time.
Since the recorded video is automatically stored by date and time, you can easily view the video on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
(Only for some IP camera models).


Where to Use


Home Cloud
You can store and watch large streaming multimedia files such as high-quality movies, music and photos.


File Server
Use it as private cloud storage. You can easily store and share various files for business not only in your office but also on outside works.


NVR(Network Video Recorder)
Use it as private cloud storage. You can easily store and share various files for business not only in your office but also on outside works.