Expand your surveillance ares,
from videos to sensors

Gluesys gNVR integrates NVR with security IoT sensors, to provide absolute security solution as a unified surveillance system.

You can connect up to 8 IP cameras, with Full HD, real-time monitoring features. Your recordings will be encrypted with AES-128 algorithm and stored in the embedded hard disk. Through its HDMI port, it projects 1080p high-resolution images on your local monitor for you to operate.

You can also monitor your surveillance area from remote locations with our gNVR Mobile App. It notifies you the real-time condition of the area by multiple security sensors and cameras for your vivid surveillance experience.


High-Performance NVR

gNVR has drastically decreased the live stream latency on data transfer between IP cameras, NVR, and smartphone by implementing a hardware encryption engine, giving you a seamless and immediate visual information on the site.

Data losses are minimized while recording live videos and displays 1080p, Full HD playback with any issues.


Strong and reliable encryption technology

gNVR uses KDF (Key Derivation Function) that automatically generates an encryption key to block unauthorized access to the system.

Recorded video data will be encrypted and decrypted through global standard AES-128 algorithm before it is written into the internal hard disk. As it is hardware-based encryption, it ensures data security as well as lowering the system load.


Encrypted live streaming

All video data transferred through the network will be perfectly safe due to AES-128 based SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) streaming technology.


IoT-powered Surveillance

gNVR provides the information on the surroundings of the site by integrating the essential IoT sensors such as motion sensor, door sensor, glass break sensor, etc. The device can connect up to 16 sensors, with Bluetooth 4.1.

The events from IoT sensors are transmitted instantly to your local NVRs and smartphone application in that you can take precaution against every possible threat.


Event-triggered recording

You can schedule a recording when the event is detected from the IoT sensors and can be managed effectively and efficiently through assorted search options.


Access anywhere, anytime

You can access gNVR through a mobile app, which can steam up to 4 channels and has a snapshot and digital zoom features.
You can also search the recordings and download to your smartphone and share videos and snapshots to SNS.


Time-saving playback

The recorded videos can view only the necessary parts for time efficiency. The recorded footage will fast forward up to 200 times speed until an event is detected by IP cameras or IoT sensors.


Emergency ready

When there is an emergency situation such as fire, gNVR has the ability to automatically backup the recordings in the past 30 minutes from the point when an event occurred to your FTP server or the cloud.


Where to Use


Retail Store
Local convenience stores and small shops are vital to our everyday life and are also in constant need for a security upgrade. Gluesys IoT surveillance solution provides absolute surveillance on every asset of the retail store. IP cameras and IoT sensors will be deployed on essential spots and will transmit real-time security status to alert on threats such as burglary, intrusion, and fire.


Small and Medium Office
From personal office room to medium-sized business areas, Gluesys IoT surveillance solution gives you adequate security information on where it is most needed. By deploying the surveillance system that is suitable to your office environment, you can monitor personnel traffics on non-office hours, detect smoke and intrusions on the server room, and prevent burglary on your warehouse.


Home Safety
Every household, from a detached house to multi-family apartment, wants to know whether they are safe from any possible dangers. Gluesys IoT surveillance solution upgrades your home security system to prevent such issues by detecting intruders, alerting safety hazards, and looking over your children and pets. All this can be done with your PC or smartphone from any location that has Internet access.