No Wire, No Internet

Storpia is a portable mobile storage which can help mobile device users solve the lack of file storage space.
The mobile storage creates its own Wi-Fi network which can be used freely without any cables on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Wireless Streaming

You do not need to hold everything on your mobile devices.
Your video/photo/music files stored on the Storpia storage can be easily accessed via Wi-Fi and be freely played on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
The Storpia storage can be connected to up to 10 mobile devices at the same time.


Realtime Mobile Backup

No more cumbersome data management!
Photos and videos taken with your smartphone or tablet can be stored on the Storpia storage after its simple setup.
Easily back up your data and keep the backup data safe.


SD/microSD Memory Slot

Storpia can support the largest number of external memory slots among similar products.
You can connect your SD, microSD and USB memory devices to the Storpia storage and stream data wirelessly.
You can also automatically back up your data immediately after the connection to the storage.


Built-in Large Battery

Storpia has a built-in high-capacity lithium-polymer battery(more than 4000mAh).
The battery can support up to 8 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge and last up to 20 hours in standby mode.
Since it supports the Power Bank feature, it can be used as a secondary battery for a portable device.


Where to Use


External Memory Backup
You can automatically backup the files stored on a memory card without concern about memory space.


Multimedia Streaming
You can store and watch large streaming multimedia files such as high-quality movies, music, etc.


Outdoor activities
You can use the Storpia storage to enjoy the large content and also use it as a secondary battery for outdoor activities.


Business activities
You can easily access and share various data in your external business activities such as meetings, outside work, business trips overseas, etc.